Monday, March 31, 2014

spring cleaning the master closet 2014

In addition to putting away the clothes that won't fit me for the next few months I did the annual swap of putting away winter/fall stuff and busted out the spring/summer stuff. I went extra nuts this time and pulled out every single one of the 12 boxes I have so as to leave no doubt of clothing that fits.
And here's my magical kingdom where I spend my mornings.
We previously had a different dresser in the main part of the bedroom but we swapped it for two of these dressers and Matt moved his stuff into my old dresser and so all my clothes are in one place.
Here's the off season stuff and stuff that won't fit a pregnant body.
Sparkly flats, heels on top.
I used to have all my shoes up high to spare them from cats and dogs but since they're not allowed in here anymore I can keep everything down low.
Warm weather friendly flats.
The Nikes.
Dresses from down below.
All the jewelry hangs here too. 
As well as the hats and purses. And a clock to remind me to hurry up.
I also put all my makeup on in the closet. 
It's a one stop get ready spot.
Cardigans and coats.
And just a small sampling of the drawer organization. Here's the workout stuff.
Matt's side. I get 3/14, he gets 1/4.
And I was particularly excited about this drawer with the belts and such being in such a nice state.
Look at the cute little belts.
On the other side there's the robes and such.
You can always add a little more space to store little things especially if they're pretty.
So that's my little slice of girly heaven.
It's a very convenient little haven.

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