Tuesday, February 14, 2017

wonderland meets tomorrowland: part I

Well we've been busy bees over here at the farm and the kids' room is looking so dang cute if I do say so myself if I do say so myself. I'm pretty pleased with the fact that we haven't spent a lot of money changing it up. The biggest expense was Alice's new bed (plus mattress and sheets). To add the cute little space touches to his side of the room all I had to do was look around the house and well, who knew I had all kinda space themed items! This display over the changing table pleases me greatly. 
And here's a peek at the room in progress. Just fluffing up a few things and trying to find some toy baskets that match. You would not believe how many baskets we have in this house. Kids = baskets. Anyway, the layout of the room worked out so well that it actually feels more spacious in there even though we added a bed. I dunno why. Maybe the way we laid it out before sucked?
Anyway, after feeling incredibly stressed out that I hadn't done enough nesting I am happy that we're looking getting more prepared every day and checking to-dos off lists and I really love how their room is shaping out. It's cohesive without feeling matchy and generic which I wasn't sure was possible especially for a boy/girl room. Mama feels at peace and you know that is good for everyone.

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