Sunday, October 30, 2011

i had a day off

The last day off I had was the Sunday of Matt's birthday. On that day I threw a party, so today, a real day off I did the following:

wore flats instead of sneakers
blow dried my hair
went to target and bought supplies for the family
went to world market and bought the ornaments for x-mas party V (biggest accomplishment of the day)
scrubbed all three toilets in the house
scrubbed the floor of our shower
swept the kitchen
separated my scarves from colorful ones vs neutral ones and alternated them as solid and striped or patterned
changed the duvet cover on the bed and made the bed
did three loads of laundry
put away the laundry (this is a big deal, i usually wait a week to put clean laundry away, i leave it in a pile on a chair & it drives matt crazy. it's my one most hated chore so i procrastinate big time)
worked on the po log and po book in my office
refilled the birdfeeder
cleaned the water bowls for the dogs
reorganized the under the sink area on matt's side

And all of that was done between the hours of 8am-4pm while Matt was at work.

When he gets home I hope to add "made spaghetti" and "watched a Halloween movie" and "took a nap" to the list. Sadly, I still have to get some work done after spaghetti/movie/nap. Oh and to compensate, this is what the floor of my office looks like:
There's two piles of this. It ain't pretty. But the rest of the house is!

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