Sunday, October 16, 2011


For the next month or so I'll be working on a big campaign for Old Navy. It has Sixteen shoot days. SIXTEEN, which is a personal record for me. We've done two so far and the last shooting day is November 10. I mention this only because that's my life for 14-18 hours a day for the next month.

There are pros and cons to this job. Con is that it's one of those jobs where I'm at work for many many many hours and have very few days off. The pro is that we are in the same place for the entire prep and the entire shoot. No moving my stuff around, no thinking about where the shoot day is, it's the same place the whole time and as a bonus, it's close-ish to home. And finally, with the holidays coming, that is a lot of income. Oh and, I have a closet of Old Navy clothes so it's nice to have them pay me for once.

Overall I'm happy about the situation. Hopefully after the job I'll take the rest of the year off.

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