Monday, October 10, 2011

my favorite products update

I love the particulars of cleaning products and I love hearing about something new and trying it out. However, they have to have these qualifications for me to purchase them 1) Eco-Friendly & No Animal Products or Testing 2) Scent must be wonderful 3) The packaging must be pleasant 4) Easy to find in a drugstore or mass retailer 5) Not super expensive. The eco-friendly part makes most of them cost more than I would have spent back in the day but I think it's worth it for a clean conscience.


For the man in your life, this is our favorite body wash. Sadly it's really hard to find this particular scent and when we do we buy in bulk. We've found it at the Target in La Habra on Idaho since they don't all carry them.
I think we all know this brand. I went from the lavender to peppermint scent and it's potent in a good way. It will wake you up and clear your nostrils and keep you clean. Also it helps with my worst case scenario fears because I'll just grab this bottle and run 'cause it's all in one.
The big T also started carrying this brand of shaving products that is genius because you can shave when you're wet OR dry. I have the vanilla one but I'd switch to lavender if I found it.
Are you guys familiar with that Moroccan shampoo that's crazy expensive? Supposed to be the greatest shampoo of all time but there's no way I'm paying $40 for a bottle of shampoo so I went and tried this shampoo instead which is paraben-free and smells so good I actually lather, rinse, AND repeat.


My favorite laundry soap is a toss up between this one that the packaging makes my heart melt and...
And the Seventh Generation one in Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender. I dunno how I feel about fabric softener but I thought I'd try it and it says to use four pumps per load but it feels like it's too much so I use 1/2 if I'm ever around the machine during the rinse cycle.
I also use Borax laundry booster all purpose cleaner for the dirty stuff. No bleach.
I love dryer sheets but it's hard to find ones that are not crazy chemical scent so I actually love these dryer bags that Trader Joe's sells. They're basically a little bag of lavender and last 5-10 cycles.


Method bath products are my favorite for our bathrooms.
Yes, a big part of it is the packaging (how cute is that stupid toilet bowl cleaner?) but they smell, mmm good & eucalyptus mint a-licious.
This thing is clever 'cause you use it everyday and just spray on the shower area and let it do it's thing. I dunno what Ylang Ylang is but that crap smells great.


I love the smell of this thing so much I dust things that don't need dusting. Almondy.
Since Target decided the Aloe & Green Tea scent wasn't good enough and they forced me to order it online, I went and switched the dish soap and hand soap in the kitchen to Grapefruit.
I also went and got the orange citrus scent for the guest bathroom.
So those are my favorites. Crap this post took longer than it should have but I want you all informed. 

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