Wednesday, October 5, 2011

our favorite documentaries

Matt and I watch a lot of documentaries, probably one a week.  Here's a list of our favorites with the shortest tag lines I could think of to entice you:

Fog of War - former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara tells it like it was
Super Size Me - a man spends 30 days eating nothing but McDonald's
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold - same man takes on product placement and advertisement in movies
Helvetica - a documentary about a font and how you can't ignore it
March of the Penguins - life goes on, even in the harshest of conditions
Grey Gardens - a cooky mother and daughter waste away in the Hamptons
Confessions of a Superhero - they're neither super nor heroes but you will love 'em after this
The September Issue - superbitch Anna Wintour tells people they're too fat and dictates fashion
Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollack - a poor lady vs the snobby art community
Journeys with George - the daughter of Nancy Pelosi goes on a bus ride with George W. Bush as he runs for president
Sicko - love him or hate him, this fat jerk points out some hard to ignore facts about American healthcare
Audience participation: have you guys seen any of these?


the hickles said...

loved loved loved March of the Penguins. I'm ashamed to say that's the only of these that I've seen.

ambre said...

I have seen Supersize Me (showed it to my kids when I was doing a nutrition unit in science) and March of the Penguins (in theatres). I want to see Grey Gardens- the play adaptation of that was hailed as very good.

Miri said...

I LOOOOOVE Journeys with George! I miss him. :(