Tuesday, July 30, 2013

burbank house in process: the living room

Ah the living room, the land where we spend many hours watching well, you know what we watch. 

This is the "entry" area I carved out. I like the concept it's just gonna take some fine tuning before it's functional and cohesive with the rest of the room. A design will come together eventually.
Eventually I'd love to make this a big art wall.
It's interesting when something functional just looks crazy cluttered for photos. It looks crazy busy.
And here's the rest of the area. Not much to it.
We are still wild about our coffee table.
Not wild about this corner. Though it is Matt's pride and joy.
I had planned on taking the legs off to make the TV lower this weekend but we had to go see Wolverine and that took precedence 
So that's the living room as it is now.
To the right of it is the "dining area", we can visit that tomorrow.

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