Friday, August 23, 2013

gray and pink workout slash a running app review

I take my color matching to unhealthy levels. I didn't really mean to start doing it with my workout gear but I guess I just gravitate to certain color combos and somehow I ended up with this:
I was trying to keep it simple but as time passes things had to get added to the "gear" for practicality:
1) The armband. I don't have pockets and I don't want to run holding a phone so armband it is. I've always had armbands for runs and this is the THIRD ONE thanks to Apple continually changing their products. What am I gonna do? NOT buy the latest iPhone? Yeah right.
2) Wristband. Sweat in your eye is annoying and I can't keep wiping my face in my shirt so a wristband is really helpful actually.
3) A digital watch. I have to keep an eye on the time in the mornings because I have to go back home at certain times to make it to work on time and I couldn't keep looking at my arm and phone so I got a cheap watch from Target. I know it like times my runs and laps and shtuff but I don't need that, I just want it to tell me if I have to head back home now.
4) The Nike+ Running App. If you run with an iPhone, this thing is amazing. People bragging about their workouts or runs are the very definition of #humblebrag and I didn't want to start facebook status messaging "going on a run!" It's bad enough I instagram a few running related things this summer (I mean, they were in the context of #evysummer13 but I still feel weird about it). Anyway, I didn't think I wanted an App to track what I did since I have my office calendar with my little stars in it, isn't that enough? Well actually... if you want to see where you've been and where you're going, tracking the runs is actually a lot of fun and the App has a built in GPS and it sees how fast you're going and has this cool little map that shows how fast you went in certain areas, green was when you were going faster, yellow, slower, red, paused. Obviously it also keeps track of how far you went and when you hit a mile a girl voice comes on and gives you a recap "1 mile completed, average pace blah blah". Her voice becomes the best voice in the world. At the end of the run you can mark how you felt, little notes, and what shoes you ran with and it will tell you how many miles total you've done in those shoes. It also lets you know when you've broken a record like "fastest mile yet" or "longest run" etc. I think we all need some encouragement and it's actually kept me motivated when I'm tired I wanna stop but I think no, maybe I can set a new speed on this mile. I'm only up to 2.5 miles but I hope to be at 3 soon. I am a child of technology so it makes sense that I would embrace this system doesn't it?
And if you feel like getting braggy, you can totally share the run. I don't share because I'm better than most people but I am sharing now as a public service announcement. It's actually a lot of fun I swear.

It's a mixed weekend. On Saturday I'm going golfing in the morning and then seeing Back to the Future at Hollywood Forever cemetery and Sunday we have a tech scout for our shoot next week. 

Hit that pavement sports fans. See you on Monday.

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