Monday, August 12, 2013

the ultimate backyard goal

There's been a lot of ideas about the backyard of our house but my absolutely favorite idea for the backyard is the idea that it would become a place for outdoor movie watching as best exemplified by this incredible home featured in Sunset Magazine
Now while this beautiful space is in the front/side yard of their house, ours obviously would be for the back of the house. I'm particularly inspired by this fencing because it's ultra modern and recently I've decided to just go balls out modern with this little house of ours because there's no history to preserve and I think a modern looking house might make it more appealing for young buyers in the future. When discussing the back brick fence into the alley my father in-law and I thought that a good way to hide it would be just building a fence in front of it and this is just the ticket. 
It also features a huge sectional and a fire pit that has been on the major wish list for the backyard since always. I had been assuming the fire pit would be wood but my boss Robert who is a mighty landscaper and home remodeler in his own right said that a gas powered fireplace is so much cleaner and easier to care for than having to deal with the smoke and smell of wood. I love how this fire place is made of concrete and that it has a large outer rim to set food and drinks on. At this angle it is exactly how I want it set up in the backyard with the fence in the background and everything.
On top of the fire feature, the house also had a water feature that I want very badly. Maybe not exactly this one but having the sound of running water is very important to me for lounging.
They have a permanent ramp for the projector and plants behind it that hide it well too.
And when you see it full of happy people and popcorn and food you can easily picture your parties becoming very popular with friends and family. I can't imagine us throwing parties more suited to our personalities than just having people come to our house to watch a movie together.
We are movie people after all.

Sigh... someday.

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