Thursday, August 22, 2013

pretty ikea things

The new Ikea catalog came in the mail. In lazy attempts at trying to remember things I've gone ahead and snapped some photos of items that I deem worthy of purchase by yourself or someone you love. First of all a green velvety couch.
Secondly, this here cart.
Equally wild about this here wall shelf.
This very versatile cabinet that could fit in many places in your home.
It's also available in the most beautiful green color.
Cute little dollhouse furniture for your nieces.
This whole thing makes me drool for the shed. Clear plastic bins gaaahhhh.
Ikea has their own version of the Container Store's closet system and it is way cheaper than the Container Store so I'm currently debating using it for the eventual closet remodel.
It's called the Algot system.
The table and those yellow glass cabinets. HURT ME!
I was just really into this kitchen. Especially the small but efficient island.
God I love me some carts. This one is industrial and amazin'.
This one ain't bad either sports fans. It could come in really handy in my eventual remodeled closet.
This wall cabinet could have so many uses. Maybe in the laundry room or the guest bath?
This is a classic but in a lovely blue.
If anything ever happens to my current pink couch, I will absolutely buy this pink couch, which is also a sofa bed. I can see myself propped up on that chaise part watching Breaking Bad big time.
I'm wild about this little chair. It's so clean.
This TV unit is all kinds of perfect. If I don't find something legitimately vintage I might just go for this in our living room. It also comes in white
Stockholm also has an amazing buffet that comes in white that I think might be terrific behind the sofa. It would add some much needed storage in the living room if we replaced the current big tv stand with the Stockholm TV unit that has less storage. 
That gray striped duvet cover has my name written allllllll over it.
And this yellow rug. I think it would find a home in our home if something awful befell our beautiful rug. Or if I decided to move that rug into the guest room. OR. I could use this rug in the guest room.
So there you go. A very helpful guide to things to check out at Ikea. OR: things you can buy EvY if you were ever near an Ikea but probably won't 'cause there's no way you live closer to an an Ikea than she does. 

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