Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY it! (with the help of someone other than me)

I think there's a sort of belief that I am a big DIYer. I am kinda. I've been known to spray paint a chair here and there, glitter up a tree, and make a yarn wreath; and I usually graphically design invites to my parties but I'm very impatient and most of the projects take a certain amount of precision and care to achieve the right look and I just give up. Instead, I'm going to point you to a few blogs that are big on craftiness and DIYing that inspire me and I pretend that I'll actually get around to making the things on their site. They range from crazy handy like custom building shelfs to updating your boring dresser with a fun toe kick.

A Beautiful Mess: A pair of sisters run the show and it's… epic. They do it all on their site.
Almost Makes Perfect: She's the most different from the other ones listed. Her style is more muted and modern that the others. I'm a crazy stalker and love all her projects.
Dream Green DIY: Her office is KILLER and all her little projects seem very accessible.
Fabric Paper Glue: A fellow black & white enthusiast.
I Spy DIY: New to me so I'm going through it just now but she's into color which I'm very into.
Little Green Notebook: She's the queen of DIY. She goes the extra 10 miles on projects ranging from making her own upholstered headboards to updating a simple cleaning closet and making it pretty.
Lovely Indeed: Ranging from tiny and adorable to big and fun.
Oh Happy Day: Their party ideas are so unique!
Studio DIY: I dunno how I've been missing out on this donut loving girl all these years.
Sugar & Cloth: A very graphic simplicity to her projects. She's like the minimal but effective DIYer.
Man, this is actually inspiring me to do some stuff like painting my magazine files or wallpapering the front of my bookcase doors.

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