Tuesday, September 30, 2014

alice & the pets

Since we've brought her home from the hospital the pets have been woefully neglected. To be honest though, the dogs have been woefully neglected for awhile. It's just way too easy to just let them run around outside all day and just bring them in for feeding and to sleep. If it's super hot out we let them in most of the day but by and large they are always outside. The cats are cats so all they need is the occasional cuddle when they sit next to you on the couch and they're good.
How are they doing with her? They are all mostly curious but keep their distance. They sniff her and wish her no harm but aren't affectionate either. She's meh to them. I think Woz is having the hardest time with her. He's kinda pretending she doesn't exist and I don't think I've seen him sniff her once. He's always been the pet most attached to us so having to compete with yet another creature is just too much for his little heart to comprehend.
LJ on the other hand seems to be the most daring when it comes to closeness. He lays next to her if she's around and I've seen him paw at her foot as it dangled near him. The pawing concerns me because I'm not sure if he would use claws or not. Anyway, the answer is simple: we don't leave her alone when they're around and watch their interactions carefully. If one approaches her, we reward with petting and kind words.
The bigger pains in the butt is the cat hair that's everywhere. Especially with the hot weather making them shed like crazy. I dread the days when she's crawling because cat hair will end up on her clothing no matter how much we try to keep things clean.

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