Friday, September 12, 2014

silly things i can squeeze in

Superbaby, as she will now be referred since she's being super nice to us right now (until she becomes a pain in the butt in which case she'll just be "the baby") so I've had time to squeeze in a few clean ups here and there. You know how they say you really don't realize how much time you had before you had a baby, holy crap it's true. Just trying to eek out a shower becomes an accomplishment so feast your eyes on this little nerd organizing that I was able to accomplish during a glorious nap time.
I sorted the gift bags by occasion! I don't know why I hadn't done it earlier but I got so many baby shower gift bags that I needed to incorporate them into my stash so I took the opportunity and got ridiculous. Don't look at me like you're surprised, I've organized tissue paper by color for pete's sake.
I'm able to publish this post right now because Superbaby is snoozing in the mamaroo. Thanks for sending prayers and good vibrations for our vaccine day yesterday. She screamed and cried but I nursed her right after and she knocked out and was extra lethargic afterwards for awhile but is bouncing back lovely. Even got some happy smiles that night. Went back to sleeping from 11-6 thank goodness. I asked the doctor about her sleeping all night and he said that it's fantastic at this age so I don't have to worry about waking her to eat anymore! He said that means she's a contented baby and while technically below average in weight, is above average for length so she's long and lean. I wish I'd have trusted myself before when I was worried about her not gaining as much weight as the charts told us she should. She was and is a happy baby and peeing and pooping regularly and I should have just believed my instincts that she was fine and eating enough. Instead I doubted myself and that added to needless crying and worry.
I am still being awoken at 3am full of milk and using that time to pump and store up some stash. If I stop pumping at that time, my body will stop making milk at that time, isn't that something? And as insane as it is for me to continue being wiling to wake up and pump at 3am, I can go back to sleep fairly easily so I'll keep trying to do that until I am too exhausted to wake up and do it. Once I see she actually naps for longer than 10 minutes at a time which she seems to be doing lately, then I'll try to squeeze in a day nap as well. Sorry gang, the sleep habits of a 10 pounder is the most exciting thing in my life right now. And you have no idea how exciting sleeping all night is!

Have a great weekend. We have lots of visiting planned. Babies make a person very popular suddenly!

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