Tuesday, September 16, 2014

mail call

The other day on Pinterest I saw a really terrific office. And in the terrific office I saw a really terrific mail holder in the shape of an envelope. I thought to myself: I MUST HAVE THIS ITEM. WHERE IS IT FROM?! Well, it's from Target. Of course, of course it's from Target.
It's perfect for my office so I can put in the mail and correspondence that I have to deal with like RSVPing, sending presents, and writing a thank you note. Matt handles the bill paying but anything that's personal and social I pretty much handle so it will hold pretty things like invites.
Incidentally, if you're a Target addict like me, I highly recommend downloading the Target app for your phone. I had no earthly idea where I would find this item in the store and since I had it on pinterest, I just searched for it on the app and it let me know where in the store it was (aisle D74). Also, if you're in a Target store you can connect to their WiFi. I swear, it's like they never want you to leave.

Man-D & Michelle: I think you need these. I kinda want them too…

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