Wednesday, September 10, 2014

want v need

Due to the arrival of youknowwho, Matt and I have been talking a lot about tightening our belts and being even more financially responsible and prioritizing our finances instead of spending money on things that we really don't need. I mean I could make the case that I will eventually need an Apple Watch but come on… let's be real.
During pregnancy I survived on TWO pairs of jeans. It's not that I couldn't afford more but it just felt pointless having more than the two I did since I wasn't going to be pregnant and needing jeans for that long. Soon came the hot weather and I added some shorts to the mix but I made it two seasons with two pairs of pants that I rotated every other day. And guess what? I still looked cute and fashion-y (as my sister Mari would say). What is it they say about necessity being the mother of invention? Limitations really expand our horizons. Working with what you have on hand makes you so much more inventive.

So fall is coming up and I can't fit into any of my jeans. Sure, I have big plans to start taking Alice out in the stroller for long walks to bring me back into shape but the reality is I'm gonna need to buy a few jeans that fit me in the meantime. While it isn't exactly a "need", it kind of is. But since I'm a mature mother thinking about retirement and college funds, I'm going to buy TWO pairs of jeans. That's it. Because once I can fit into my old jeans, I will have a HUGE selection of jeans that I bought when I was a carefree childless person.

I'm telling you this girl has completely changed our lives and minds.
 Our priorities have all shifted to her and securing her future. And that, is pretty great.

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