Wednesday, November 4, 2015

cute play rooms

One of the more luxurious of rooms for a home with children is the concept of a "playroom". Can you imagine?! A room just for the children to play in! And isn't that room supposed to be their room? And... don't they play in every room? Mine does. Toys everywhere. It's a luxury for the people that have big enough homes or basements. I get the appeal of basement playrooms for places that get miserable in the winter or summer. Mom needs a place where the kids can go nuts without making a mess in the whole house while they're trapped indoors for weeks on end. 

Anyway, without more adieu, pretty.
There's even a little article on designing a perfect one.
This one's pretty insane. Oh to have a finished attic space. 
I love all the colors here with the white walls.
I really want a built in window seat in our office.
I'm thinking about doing this for the office on a smaller scale. Maybe paint the bookcase doors with chalkboard paint so she can color on them?
Their own little homework/craft station is a good idea.
The room overall is so cute and utilitarian but the ceiling wallpaper is clutch!
On the flip side though... if you have more than one kid and not enough rooms for everyone to have their own you can have them all bunk in one room to sleep/dress/play and one room just to do homework and play together which I've thought about if we had more than one kid. I briefly thought oh if we have more than one they could move into my office and share and I can take the smaller room then I was like pft forget that, they can share the smaller room, I'm not giving up the office!

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Michelle said...

My thoughts on playrooms: Great fun to create and organize... great agony when they throw everything in random bins and get the books ALL over the floor and spread it all over the house even though they have an ENTIRE room specifically designed for play. I quit playrooms to preserve my sanity. I locked the books up and they have to ask to read them... except for a stack of like 6. I binned everything up in clear bins by toy type and put them in a closet... now they have to ask to take out a bin at a time... and I am no longer twitching. But I love playrooms as long as my kids don't go in them.