Tuesday, November 17, 2015

my favorite takes on modern christmas decor

I veer towards the more modern when it comes to aesthetics and these are my favorite types of Christmas decorations as evidenced by my pinterest board. 

Unconventional Christmas Trees. I still want a full-sized Christmas tree to hang ornaments on but I love the takes on other trees that can be used either in an office, or a kid room or if you really are into that sort of minimal Christmas look. 
Taking classic ornaments and modernizing them to fit your look. I love this whole ombre paint the balls thing in black and white. 
Unconventional wreaths. The classic wreath with the greenery is cool for other people but I'm really into the ones that are different. I love the ones made of ornaments but gimme a felt wreath any day!
Modern advent calendars. I'd love to make something like this for Alice sometime once she figures out the counting thing. I like the ones where you put up a little ornament on a felt tree.
Perfectly wrapped presents in your color scheme. Not only is it so special to give someone a beautifully wrapped present but I'm a firm believer that they serve as decoration under the tree until they are destroyed without seconds.
Modern garlands/DIY garlands. I have a big time goal to make a wooden beaded garland this year.
Did I mention our home will not have a full-sized tree in the living room this year? I kept thinking about the future and could only imagine little miss Alice constantly trying to pull everything off and tipping it over. The plan is to use my small white office tree and keep it on a table out of her reach but maybe I can use our full sized tree in my office instead?

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