Wednesday, November 18, 2015

no more

no more buying litter

no more cat poop outside the litter box

no more fur on our clothes

no more scratches

no more ruined furniture

no more arguing about them

no more cleaning out litter boxes

no more making sure water bowls are full

no more making sure food bowls are full

no more dry cat food strewn about

no more litter dust caked on everything

no more worrying about alice having her eyeballs scratched out

no more not having a guest room

no more worrying about allergies

no more constantly vacuuming couches

no more barfed up cat food

no more frequent lint rolling

no more knocked over broken things

no more having my hand pinned down while i'm trying to type


no more cuddles

no more purrs

no more petting

no more meows

no more knowing they're curled up under the tree

we tried to work it out, we tried to find them a home but we failed. i am so so sad and feel like a total failure. but if they would have really hurt my girl i wouldn't have hesitated to let them go so why wait any more? they left our home on monday and i sit in my office waiting for them to come back. for things to magically work out for us but no.

no more l.j.

no more gadget

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