Tuesday, November 3, 2015

making play space for alice in the office

One of the things I've been planning on doing in the office is making it a place where kids can hang. It's pretty much a second living room as it is so it just took a few baby proofing moves to make it less of a 'NO DON'T TOUCH THAT' to a 'have at it' area.
She would instantly gravitate toward the tea cart when she would come in and grab my precious teapots. By moving them up a shelf they were out of her eye sight and she happily played with the bottom shelf stuff. 
She has her little tea set in here that we scored from work and some espresso cups that are just toddler sized. The tea set all fits into that big teapot so when she's in here I let her spread it around but if I am in the mood for tidy-ness into the pot it goes. I also brought her little doll and stroller so she can have a familiar face.
The coffee table is acrylic so she can do any kinda damage to it she wants. I used to have all manner of decorative breakable items but the cats kept knocking crap over and I didn't want to keep moving them whenever she would follow me in here. I have some toys for her on the bottom shelf and brought in some board books for her too.
I don't keep this up regularly, it was just for the picture. Isn't this tea set so Wonderland?
I think she knows what 'kitties' is because when I ask her to go where the kitties are she heads to the office door. She's doing a lot better with not trying to torture them but LJ is not to be trusted, he got her the other day when she yanked his hair. Dumb cat.
Next step will be a little Alice sized desk and chair in here. 

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