Friday, January 15, 2016

alice at 1.5

She's one and a half my wonder kid, here's what she's up to at this age which I am enjoying so much.
She has recently become a little too handsy with the dog. She lays on him, leans on him, pulls his fur, tries to carry him like a doll. Lebowski for the most part has been okay with it but there have been a few times when she grabs his paw and he growls at her. I know she'll outgrow it and the dogs will grow into appreciating her. At the moment, Woz is pretty terrified of her and mostly stays away but Lebowski is kind of a goober and stands his ground even though he knows she's gonna be all up in his business. 
Her playtime is a funny thing, mix of playing with her regular and new toys and some more quieter activities too. She loves being challenged and having to learn things like recently simple things like opening a book and teaching her the words and asking her to point out where's the doggy, where's the shoes is a fun to her. 
And you know how everyone thinks their kid is so smart? My kid is so smart. I was classified as "gifted" pretty early on as a kid and Matt's no dummy so I assumed we'd have a child that was intelligent but I was not really prepared to be raising a gifted kid. It's going to be dependent on us to ensure she thrives and that means structure and exploration. She needs to be challenged or she's gonna be bored and destructive. All the things that could have helped me are going to be good for this kid so I think I need to put her in school pretty early on.
How smart is she really if she prefers to play with an empty jar of chili powder though? And let's talk about TV. We are a TV/movie family. We watch a lot of TV and movies and we didn't expect that our kid was gonna be any different and refuse screen time. Currently Alice watches TV right before dinner so I can make dinner and then a little bit after dinner before her nighttime routine.
When it comes to mealtimes, Alice is a pretty good eater but has acquired a particular taste for berries, quinoa and most all carbs, fruit, and doesn't really like veggies except roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes and corn. Too bad for her because I'm on a healthy kick and when I get back from this trip she is in for a world of veggies and healthy things. 
She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, is okay with Doc McStuffins, enjoys Sesame Street, and Matt says she's tolerating Lion Guard. Disney Junior is our channel. We make it as tolerable an experience with Matt and I cracking wise about the characters on the show to keep our sanity. "Ugh, Pete is the worst!" "Do you think Hallie the Hippo was a present from Doctor McStuffins because she knew her daughter wanted to be a doctor so she gave her a nurse doll?"
One of the funniest things to me is the way she caught onto our bedtime routine. 
After her bath I would put her in a towel and then brush her teeth but she being she realized that's what happens next so she would gesture emphatically toward the toothbrush as if to say "I know! I know! The toothbrush is next!"
After her bath and when she's in her pjs, once we told her it was bedtime she would walk to her room, get up on the chair, click the white noise machine and touch the lamp; all the elements of her bedtime routine. It also reminds me of how important it is for a kid to have a routine.
She doesn't like having her diaper changed for reasons that are beyond my capabilities and she gets cranky and annoying when she's sleepy but overall... she is an intelligent angel we adore and enjoy.
And being gone from her for a week is the maximum amount of time I can stand being away from her. If I get a job that goes any longer, Matt and Alice are coming with.

Can't wait to see her tomorrow!!

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