Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I have been trying to come to Austin for two years. After our Chicago trip I said "Austin next year". Then something happened, I can't remember why I couldn't go in 2014 in July.... oh yeah... BABY. Then in 2015 we was po' so we could na go. I said 2016 we're going to Austin, this is it. And it was! 
Well... I'm here for work so it's not exactly the fun times explore the city trip. I am working all day at our rental house and then at night I can maybe go out for dinner which I got to do on Monday and meet up with Biola friends and new Austin residents The Burges, but I don't get to go out much. This morning my boss Robert and I went for a run around a cool bike trail along the river, my first run in months. The first mile sucked major butt and then I felt better and might have kept going but we had to go back. We're gonna try again on Thursday.
Also... I can't expore the city through food because... I'm on a no-carb no-sugar food train. WOO. Basically eating diabetic but without meat. And unlike Portland where it's vegan central, Austin is a big meat town and since we have a rental we've been making our own breakfasts lunch and dinner. Today, I only ate food at our house. It helps that my house mate/boss is a very healthy cook and eater and he was only too happy to make food for us and I can easily control what I'm eating by just making the food at home.
As far as when I'm out and about this carb/sugar thing is a matter of just making an extra effort with my food choices. No croutons. No syrup. Etc. I honestly... don't miss the carbs and I'm feeling pretty good and not hungry. Instead of thinking about it as removing carbs I'm adding vegetables, fruit, legumes. I'm not being SUPER strict about it, I did have a tiny bit of brown rice with my kale and seitan but that was once a week and aside from that, it's really opening up my mind to what we're putting in our body. There's no nutritional value to pizza and pasta when you think about it. Once I get to a better weight, I might add a pasta here and there but right now I am not even tempted (except by the local donut place but I did not dare enter). I am really enjoying this challenge.

And you know what? Apples and peanut butter are so freaking tasty. Seriously!

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