Tuesday, January 5, 2016

operation playroom update

As you know, I'm trying to make our office into more of a little playroom for Alice. Most of it involved lots of kid-proofing and then adding in the toys she plays with into the mix.
Wooden toys are so helpful to convey the purpose of being played with plus being decorative.
We were thinking of having the little kitchen in her room but I wanted her room to remain mostly for reading, changing, and sleeping.
I added it here next to the window along with her baby doll's crib and stroller.
My tea cart was moved to the corner where we used to keep the litter box. Keeping it out of her immediate line of sight has been nice because then she's not grabbing all the stuff on it. I moved the breakable stuff out her reach and hopefully she'll not be too interested in the stuff that's left.
It does leave this corner of the room looking pretty busy but... oh well.
 I still haven't finished painting the doors but Alice took to drawing on it already. Magnetic primer would be cool too then it could be a place for her to hang little alphabet letters or whatnot.
The coffee table was cleared of all my magazines and now it's just her books and puzzles.
Usually the top is full of her toys and we have tea parties on it. 
Even with all the stuff in here the room still has lots of open space for playing. 
I still maintain that it would be nice to have a few poufs for her to sit on while we play around the coffee table. It's a good thing the room was girly to begin. 

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