Wednesday, January 27, 2016

a pretty grown-up house

I've been seeing a lot of trendy homes nowadays and while I enjoy most of the trends happening like the muted pastels, the brass and copper, the loads of black and white; some of the interiors are just a little too hipster for my tastes. I found this house amongst my searchings and I realized that I have a tendency to enjoy things that are midcentury modern but I really want things to have a skew of simplicity and traditionalism. American. Classic. But modern. I was particularly into this living room because it had a blue couch and I like to see what people do with their blue couches.
Of course I was crazy for their kitchen with the big island painted blue.
The missing element to most homes I feel like is the presence of their children but these people put it front and center with a little table just for them. 
Oh and I'm crazy about banquettes of course. 
And glass front cabinets.
And soothing marble bathrooms.
This is a grown up's house. Someday I'll be a real grown up.

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