Monday, April 18, 2016

a day in her life (4/11/16, 21 months old)

You know what I love reading online? Those day in the life things. So I says to myself, slef, let's do one of those for Alice. This was Monday, the day before I went back to work and with the pressure of knowing I was doing a day in the life this was a little extra outdoorsy and out of the average. 

9am ish: I was up and she still wasn't. This is unusual. She's usually up by around 8/8:30 but on this day she slept in. I think she's growing because she's been sleeping pretty well lately. I spent some time starting breakfast and coffee until I hear her.

10am she finally wakes up. We give her some private time when she wakes up and go in when her sounds change from happy to bored. Usually takes about 20 minutes. It is BAD to go in there earlier because she will not want to come out and you'll be waiting anyway.
11ish: I change her diaper and put her in something other than PJs. I cut up some berries for her as her 1st breakfast and let her play in the kitchen with me while I make Matt and my breakfast.
She found the task of moving dried rice from one bowl to the other SUPER riveting.
11:20am: Matt and my breakfast is in the oven. It'll be done in 30 minutes.
Drinking a warm cup of coffee is also next to impossible so I brew it and put it in a cup with a lid because otherwise it's cold by the time I get to it.
12:13pm: 2nd breakfast for Alice, breakfast for Matt and myself. Breakfast for our family is a challenge because neither Alice nor Matt eat eggs and Alice is being ridiculously picky and impatient. I want us to eat together but usually it takes awhile for our food to be ready so we give her something to tide her over until our food is ready. Unless I decide to make either muffins or pancakes or pb&j's for all then we are talking about almost three different breakfasts because it's a toddler, a vegetarian, and a vegan breakfast. This is no wonder that by the time we actually eat breakfast it is lunchtime. I made tempeh bake this morning which Matt and I both enjoy, except mine has cheese on it. Alice sits with us and eats an apple while playing with the cheese grater. Least we're all together.
12:41pm: We go into our room so I can change and she entertains herself with the iPad.
1pm: We play outside. I try to weed a little while watching her which is not super productive but at least I got it started.
2:35pm: An out of the ordinary middle of the day bath since she got really dirty outside.
2:56pm: A really late nap time. Usually they're from 1-3. If 2:30 rolls around and she's not napping it is bad news for all involved.
Matt installs hardware and I clean up while she's napping. 
5:23pm: She's up and it's dinner time. 
She had snacks before but now it's early dinner/really late lunch. I was not responsible about lunch time today. Whoops.
6-6:43pm: We play and she watches some Disney Junior.
7:17pm: Family walk around the park.
7:47pm: Our dinner's been eaten, she knocked down blocks I built, and she "colored".
9pm: Since she had a bath earlier we just get into PJs, read a book, and go to sleep.
And that's a wrap on a day in the life of Alice Rosemary! I'll do another one when she's two. 

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