Wednesday, April 13, 2016

new hardware in the kitchen aka matt is my absolute hero

On my last day before I started a three week job, we got stuff done. It was supposed to be a super easy update but I dumbly didn't realize the previous hardware in the kitchen was 3" apart and the hardware I purchased was 3 1/2". DOH. I tried to find alternates that I liked better that were the right size but I just couldn't find anything I liked more than the simple one I had already purchased.
Matt being Matt sensed I was lollygagging on the project (as in I kept moving the box of pulls from one room to the other) so he took it upon himself to just knock it out. Took him about 4-5 hours to drill new holes. We traded places and I spent Alice's naptime in the backyard pulling weeds and cleaning up after the dogs. 
He's my hero for doing it and what a difference it makes. Definitely more our style now.
Don't they just make the cabinets POP?
Whenever we eventually gut the kitchen and change the cabinets, we plan on reusing the hardware so hey, that'll save us money later!
Thanks for doing that honey. LOVE YOU.

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