Friday, April 1, 2016

organizing andtoddler proofing her wonderland (part 1)

Kids come with a lot of stuff. In addition to clothing there's diapers and toys and I thought it would be fun to keep updating you as she grows to the things we do in her room as we protect her from herself and maximize organization. The room layout has remained but we upgraded a few things and added a few elements that were relevant to her interests.

I gotta tell you though as my brother and I talked with my sister Mari in her kid's nursery (and having a baby any day now!) and we talked about how our kids rarely play in their own rooms. Which isn't that bad to have a kid think of it as the room for sleeping and getting dressed and they do most of their playing and living in other rooms. 
I still rock her every night in this chair except that it's preceded by a bedtime story and I put my feet up on the ottoman and to protect it I keep a knitted blanket over it. 
The changing table is kind of still used because she actually really fights us on diaper changes so sometimes I mix it up and change her on the floor but this where the magic still happens.
Oh, hi Alice.
The bumpers on the crib don't serve as protectors of stuck limbs because she handles that herself but it prevents the pacifier from falling out of it and that sucker is the key to her sleep and we don't want that thing rolling away. When she was younger she would chew on the top of the crib so we added that teething thing and I'm not sure what would happen if we removed it now.
She sleeps with a few plushes but no blankets or pillows. I've tried giving her blankets and they end up rolled up in the corner so she just has her warm onesie and we keep the house temperature regulated and that works for us.
Still not much art over her crib because earthquakes.
She still sleeps with white noise and the drawer holds her paci. She knows where it is and will point to it from another room when she hits herself and wants her comfort item.
This was a later addition and now holds more books she likes to be read to. I tried changing it up but Goodnight Moon is still her favorite, almost like she has to end her day with that one. Weird.
To be continued...

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