Wednesday, April 6, 2016

organizing and toddler proofing her wonderland (part 2)

I got that Ikea table and chairs set and she doesn't use it as much as I thought she would but when we're playing in here before bedtime she and I have serious coffee talk with the adorable coffee set I bought her. Yeah, it should be a tea set though... I see your point. The gold A hook and Alice dress were later additions, aren't they adorable?  
This bookcase we removed the glass doors on so she wouldn't keep banging or breaking the glass. 
The top shelf got really Wonderland-esque.
The bookcase stayed pretty much the same. 
Someday my bald child will be able to wear these bows. 
Two bins have blocks she's not really into playing with and one bin has baby toys for her cousin Eli whenever he comes to visit.
I am hoarding a twin size flamingo sheet set for the future.
And we have some larger puzzles and such underneath it. 
I love hooks as you know and we use them a lot in her room because they will grow with her. We'll just as easily hang her 1 year old jersey and baby hat as will her school backpack.
 Did I ever show you guys this picture and flamingo combo over her changing table?
For the one drawer we put actual clothes in we have her socks, tights, PJs, and believe it or not, her shoes. I really was at a loss as to where to store small person shoes and this solution though kind of odd, works for us. Shoes are the one thing I buy her and since she grows out of them quickly, I try to keep it tight with a formula of: one pair of slip on sneakers, one pair of rubbery play shoes, one pair of church shoes, and one pair of seasonal shoe be it sandal or boot. If she has more than one pair of that type either it was gifted or I saw an extraordinarily cute pair that couldn't be passed up. Case in point the gold slip on sneakers and the minty pair of rubbery shoes. I gotta tell you though kids beat the crap out of their shoes so honestly, it may behoove a person to have two pairs of sneakers.
The top drawer houses all her medication, grooming items, various creams and lotions, wipes, and diapes and diapes pail replacement.
And then the closet.  Organizing a closet is really about what type of organizer are you and when it comes to clothes I like to hang things so I can see them.
I have a very specific system for the way I hang the clothes in there and Matt is wise to leave them piled so I can put them away. Dresses, then long sleeved shirts, then t-shirts, then blouses, then tanks, then coats, and then cardigans. Type not color.
Top shelf bothers me because it has space enough for 9 of these type of bins but I only bought 5 because I had no plan for neon pink plastic bins but now I need 9 plastic bins to fill up this top shelf. I have art supplies in here for now that she'll grow into, thus they're higher.
And here is one of those things that you don't realize you need for children. Adults are mostly one size, kids: always growing. So I have clothes bins for the clothes that she'll grow into and two bins for the clothes she's grown out of.
This bookshelf down here holds her books for later and backup wipes and diapers that we have shipped in large quantities, like a month supply of diapers at a time.
I've done a decent job at not being a yuppy parent but doing the honest company diaper bundle thing with cute patterns... I could not resist that! 
And another large basket with more overflow toys. 
More hooks with my hot pink backpack we use for overnight trips.
And her kid sized backpacks. Thus far she has not shown interest in carrying handbags or backpacks.
And a ledge with Disney stuff and her tiny pineapple bag (squee) and size 7 shoes.
And for her poppa, her tiny Ramones onesie.
I still think I might get another row of those hooks to put on the bottom shelf so she can hang her eventual purses, scarves, student body president badges, convention lanyards, medals, etc.
It really does evolve over time your child's bedroom as they grow and their needs change.
But it's such a happy, beautiful space. Just like my girl. 


Michelle said...

The part about the hook for her future backpack! Agh. These babies need to slow down!

EvY said...

Why can't she be little for a year longer than she needs to be?