Monday, April 11, 2016

the new entry sideboard

In our efforts to modern farmhouse the place we changed up the entry way with a sideboard that I normally wouldn't have gone with. 
Since it was going to be bigger than the one we had before, we decided to move the bench to the dining area and now we have a way bigger area to walk through which is very nice indeed. I would love a new runner sometime, we'll find it. 
And so after trying a few iterations with the challenge of floating a couch in a room with three windows and no wall really wide enough for a TV, this is where we are now. Oh and the kid element, because a table behind the sofa really did not work with grabbing of things... thing.
The coat rack is super loaded with our goodies. I think about hanging hooks but honestly, this sucker can take a licking and take on ticking.
Galvanized metal means farm.
I don't care if they're overplayed, I love chalkboards.
So we took the stuff that was in the tv and moved it here. One side of just board games!
One side with video games and the bottom for shoes. 
And then we got a bonus drawer where we put smaller entry supplies that are not as purty.
Not sure why with a whole section of board games there's still the need for a drawer of cards.
Kept the same stuff mostly on the top. More galvanized.
Real working sconces would be great but for now I just used what I already have. I have seen some cool rustic ones that might be good here too.
So that's the new sideboard, a big improvement. 
The Gaines duo are our guides and we shall obey them.

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