Wednesday, April 20, 2016

backyard playspace plans

Remember our original plan for the backyard where we'd have a playspace for Alice set up? There was one thing we did not take into consideration when planning to go with the mulch was the dogs because they POOP all over this place. We will be working on teaching them to do their business in a designated area BUT in the meantime the best way to guarantee they won't be in there would be to build a fence around the area.
So this is where I'd put the fence as designated by the broken lines. 
With the whole farmhouse thing in mind, a fence about yay high with this chicken wire grid fence business would be perfect. And not to be a super lazy parent/aunt but how great would it be to toss some kids in there, close the gate and let them hang while we're sitting on the couch nearby chatting it up and getting our drink on?
Now as to ground cover... due to the drought I want some fake turf. I've asked around and I'm convinced it's the way to go. Not only will it be nice to see something green out here but the lack of maintenance is very appealing. 
As far as actual installation goes I think we're gonna hire people to do it. The dads and the husbands can handle the fence install no problem but since there's a level of prep work and machine equipment that goes into it, I'd rather we stand back and watch people that know what they're doing do it.
When we planned the backyard we really didn't take into consideration the mess those rascals were gonna make out there which is why all these ideas are coming into play now. Live and learn!

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