Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the grey purple-y room, or, have i made a huge mistake?

The reason for the big guest closet organization was because I wanted to take care of something else...
BAM, painted it. I wanted to surprise Ambre who was coming to town with a newly painted guest room. And then she couldn't come into town so surprise Am, here's the room you were gonna stay in!
Here's the thing though. After I'd prepped it and everything and started cutting in the paint, I had a freak out about the color. Holy crap what am I thinking?! Did I just make a huge mistake? The paint color is purple-y gray and the furniture is gray. And the bedding. Gah! Freak out! By then it was too late, I had to just keep going.
It's actually just light enough to contrast with the furniture so it's not as bad as I thought. Don't get me wrong about the paint color itself, I freaking lurve it. It feels a little drab but maybe, that's okay since I wanted to de-girlify the room and having it muted like this sorta works?
There's so much I put off doing because of the lack of paint like hanging things and finally installing the anti-tip brackets to the cabinet and the dresser. Much needed in earthquake land friends.
I hung up the Los Angeles alphabet print, it's perfect in there twofold.
And despite them being perfectly darkening, these curtains have gotta go.
They're almost identical in shade to the furniture in the room. No likey.
The inside of the cabinet looks the same as when I first set up the room. Half decorative for guests, half for the nieces.
Lyla and Angie somehow know about this room because when they come to visit they go right in here and head for the toy box and the cabinet. I love that they know the house, it's just what I wanted.
Ali got me this globe as a birthday present. It's a globe made of Los Angeles landmarks, does that chick know me or what?
The rest is pretty much the same.
Did you know I put magazines under the dresser? It felt empty under there so I went for it.
I keep a dockable alarm clock with an iPod in it. It has a few playlists I felt would benefit all.
Luggage rack and chair where you can throw your clothes.
From this angle the color works well with everything in it.
Bottom drawer has the sheets for the bed.
The top drawer has the guest towels.
I'm not repainting. If we ever have a kid, we'll repaint it to their gender. Alice would have a blue room.
Ab stole an old Disneyland flag for me.
I won't put anything above the bed. Maybe I'll try my hand at making a headboard.
And we added this lovely bit of art in here. You know you wanna stay here.
It's nice that it's all ready and good to go. One less paint can!
Be our guest be our guest, da na na na na na na.

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Michelle said...

I do want to stay there and I like the color. and I agree with your curtain analysis.