Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the guest closet lives

In preparation for summertime guests, I finally spent some time in the guest closet. It's a LOT better.
I can see! Things!
I have a boatload of stuff for the nieces so they all ended up in here. Blocks and such, a telescope that sucks butt.
My mother in-law retired from teaching and she donated stuff to the niece pile too.
Especially a MASSIVE collection of books, which I unboxed and put into this bookcase that was formerly in the office and I learned that I'd been using it wrong and it was leaning on it's side.
 Anyway, there they are on display.
 Please don't ever buy me children's books. I'm seriously set for life. Plus the ones in the cabinet!
And again, the best thing is being able to see the floor again. Woo hoo.
We did something else to this room too...

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