Wednesday, February 12, 2014

office closet: a little tidier

I realize I haven't posted photos of the new storage situation in the office now that the console is up and running, well more like laying and doing nothing. Anyway, with the new console I was able to take the stuff that was overflowing in here out of here and now it's in that holder of technology that the console is. Once it's a little more perfect looking I'll upload some pics of what it looks like.

Anyway… I made some room for the new items from the guest room that had to move over here as we empty that room out. Most was dispersed into the linen closet but a few items are now living in here since this will now be the only guest room. The black basket has the guest room amenities and as I mentioned before, I think I'll get a different basket for it. The wood box is empty and not sure if I'll need it for the guest room or move back into the baby's room for use for uh, baby things.
Currently I have the extraneous work stuff piled in this corner but we're still trying to figure out a longer term solution for the work stuff. When I'm at work obviously all that stuff lives there but in between jobs its sort of homeless and we don't wanna stick it in the shed since that's already full of stuff. Anyway, it's a work in progress. For now we just shove the stuff in my office closet in between jobs which I'm not wild about but don't have much of a choice at the moment.
Down low I moved the pillows out of the top left cubby and stuck my old journals in there (oh, about 20 years worth of journals) to make room for the extra bedding. The bottom cubby doesn't hold much but the lids to the file boxes but we can move them.
The top has the boxes with guest bedding, spare pillows, old job notebooks, spare picture frames, gift bags, and fabric. I want to put some cute labels on there but my printer is acting a fool.
On top of the expedit are two boxes with cleaning supplies and misc. stuff. Next to them is some Downton Abbey items.
And I moved Elvis and Johnny over here so that Ali's handiwork wouldn't be lonely.
Things I'd still like to do: but a few more pieces of wood to make a few more shelves up high and a new light situation in there. The ole pull chain thing seems a little old don't we think?

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