Friday, February 7, 2014

wanna see a cute baby?

Me! Little chubby sleeping baby me and my dad when he had luscious flowing hair (and killer shorts).
I mostly wanted to point out what my parents had done to my baby space like how I had Disney characters on the wall above my crib, which explains all the brain washing. Us kids never had our own rooms so it's sweet to see that my parents tried to make my baby area feel like mine.

Also: can I rock yellow shorts or can I rock yellow shorts? And unlike the rest of my siblings and nieces, I was bald as bald could be for months and up to a year.

Have a good weekend gang. It's Angelina's 4th Birthday Party on Saturday and we're gonna rock it up jumper style.

1 comment:

jill f said...

So cute! Matt was bald for 2 years, so we might just get a bald baby!