Monday, February 24, 2014

the innards of the new console

I've been living with it for a few months now and realize I never took pictures of the set up and the insides. There she blows and predictably enough I was watching Golden Girls, it was not staged…  However, I moved the litter box and the cat food for the photograph (and the cats).
It looks pretty great against the green wall and not much has changed with the accessories.
The drawers don't hold anything pretty. Trash bags for the dirty litter.
And the clean litter.
The console has one small section and one larger one. This is the smaller one.
The top shelf has two drawers with cables and such and the games for the PS2. Speaking of which I'm getting rid of it soon. I want a blu-ray player instead. The Wii… meh, I dunno. I got an Apple TV for my birthday last year and it has Neflix, Hulu, my purchased shows and movies… it pretty much replaces the need for anything else in here, except… a blu-ray player.
Bottom shelf has the hard drives and some misc. DVDs and CDs.
The larger side holds the printer, printer accessories, and other assorted things.
Ink and such.
Cameras, other stuff...
And that the tray holds the accessories to elevate my laptop.
It works out perfectly as a sort of entertainment unit in the office.
I love it.

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