Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the BIG to dos before Baby F

There's a lot of little things to be done but there's a few BIG things we have to do before this kid is welcomed into the life of F. Here's my list in no particular order.

Nursery: Obviously, it'll need a place to sleep. I'm not gonna beat myself up if it's not 100% perfect by the time it arrives because as long as we have a crib for it, everything else we can work around. This kid is lucky it's gonna have it's own room, very lucky baby.
Car: We currently have a Corolla (fine) but we have a Toyota pickup that doesn't have room for a car seat in the back. Since Matt might be the one that will handle most of this child's daytime care, we're gonna need another vehicle. We're thinking either another compact or a very small SUV like a RAV4 or a Honda CRV.
Bed: We're still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. FOR SHAME. Just today I finally ordered the bed that's gonna take another 8 weeks to arrive. I know this baby is gonna spend a lot of time with me in bed (not sleeping in the bed, that scares the bejesus out of me) while it's nursing and all that so it's really important that we have a proper bed for us and for it.
Laundry Room: As of yet I have not convinced Matt to just pull the trigger and buy the front load washers but we've decided instead of open shelving, I'd love to have upper cabinets in the room and I'd like to start a mini makeover for the room especially since I have a feeling with a baby and all its gross habits, we'll be spending a LOT of time in the laundry room. We're gonna try to do the cloth diaper thing and I want to install a drying line in the room for it's little diapers so that's a priority.
Pediatrician: Once this kid is born it's gonna need a doctor.
Hospital or Home?: Obviously, I'll have to decide if we're doing this thang at home or at a hospital. I've not ruled either out but I'm researching options. I hear good things about the hospital my doctor works out of (across from Walt Disney studios) but not good things about them being big on natural birth, they sound like big drug pushers. If I do end up going with a hospital I'm definitely gonna get a doula so she can speak up for me to the bully medical staff. We're hoping to attend an information center at a Home Birth Service Center nearby and see if we want to go that route. This will all be determined by if there's no complications with me and we hope to see what's up in my womb late February to see if I am even capable of a home birth or if I'll be sliced and diced regardless. If I had the choice I think I'd rather do it in the comfort of my own home with my cats and dogs and toilet but we shall see.
Whew! Lots to do. What am I doing writing this blog?

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