Wednesday, October 1, 2014

halloween time '14

The black & white Halloween time is back. Nothing revolutionary, same stuff that I've had for years.
The adding of the monster photos did finally give me the chance to change this little area that had been bugging me for awhile. When you walk into our home, there's this little command center that's also supposed to be a dumping ground for our in & out items like Matt's wallet, our sunglasses, a piggy bank for loose change, pens, etc. It just felt, I dunno, cluttered.
Predictably, I got a tray and put things in it and I was happy. I'm like "put a bird on it" but "put a tray under it".  There's a tray in pretty much every room in the house but so what, who cares.
A big part of the elimination of clutter was that darn pig. So now the change is in a small jar.
I made a runner out of the two spider placemats and I think I need some black taper candles.
I pretty much only have this little dining area to change things seasonally so we do what we can.
I love the fact that the candle isn't orange but is pumpkin scented.
The mamaroo in the background reminds me to post about all the baby gear that's taken over the house. I know, you can't wait right?

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