Tuesday, October 7, 2014

holy crap month three

Alice is three months old and she decided to hit this month hard.
She's a lot more aware nowadays. Like she finds the cute baby in the mirror to be totally hilarious.
She's growing like crazy. If there were one thing I'd wish I'd understood earlier about babies it would be the concept of growth spurts where they're extra fussy and seem to be doing nothing but eating all day because I kept thinking something was wrong with her and I'd worry about my supply and if I was starving my baby. As long as she was peeing regularly, its the normal act of a baby being a baby and growing and needing more food than usual. She's had one recently where she was extra fussy and would eat, knock out, be up and happy for a few minutes, and repeat. This time though, I knew what it was and approached it with a lot more patience and zero tears. It's incredible what a difference it makes just having the right attitude. So things won't get done 'cause she wants to be held and fed, hold her and feed her. And grow she does. She's almost outgrown her 3 month PJs and even her baby toes and feet look chubbier to me.
She does the rolling thing now. When she's on her back, ploop, onto her belly. She's an ambiturner like Zoolander at the moment and hasn't figured out how to get back to her back. It happens quick so those glorious days of leaving her on the bed and knowing she won't roll off while you put on makeup are over. She does it at night too and I hear the frustrated grunts of my little stuck turtle. "Waa! I dunno how this happened!"
She's got way better neck control and pretends she's real people and will sit up with some pillow help and "watch TV" with us. She's also discovered her hands and sucks on them a lot and moves her fingers all dainty like and will kick things with her feet to watch them move. Cause and effect.
None of these things are revolutionary and they are what babies do but its just incredible to watch her learn to become a full on person.

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