Tuesday, October 7, 2014

i'm so ahead of the trends i don't even realize it

The eventual kitchen remodel is still a few years away but right now I'm still really digging white subway tiles, open shelving, marble, white countertops, white upper cabinets, and dark grey lower cabinets, which are super on trend right now. I told Matt about the dark grey lower cabinets and he said, "Oh yeah like the island in our old kitchen." 
How could I be so daft? Yes, exactly. When we moved into the condo in 2009 I had the painter paint our island a really dark grey and loved it the whole time but completely forgot I'd done it until Matt reminded me. I even remember that I was deciding between a lighter grey and Matt told me to just go all in and not be afraid to go for the darkest swatch on the stick. It gave it such a nice contrast.
Remember this old place? None of it exists anymore. My in-laws stripped it bare and changed things up and it looks way better now. But there it is: proof that I was into dark grey cabinets way back when.
It's gonna be so fun to design my own kitchen someday. And by then, we'll see, I might be into something else completely.

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