Friday, October 3, 2014

the baby gear in our house (newborn to 3 mo)

On a typical day this is what our house looks like with Alice's baby stuff. I'm sure this will all change as she gets more mobile but this is where we are at the moment.

I keep the mombo (nursing pillow) in the living room so I can nurse her while we watch TV in the day. 
Depending on her mood, we'll pop her in the mamaroo so she can talk to the ceiling fan or lay her on the play mat so she can wiggle around and stare at the mobile. Sometimes if I catch her in time I can convince her to fall asleep in the mamaroo as it bounces. Most of the time we have to rock her for a few minutes and then do the scary transfer and hope she stays asleep.
Since it's been pretty hot lately we've gotten into the habit of bringing the car seat in so we can load her into it without worrying about it being too hot on her skin.
In addition to the coats and bags, we have her diaper bag here ready to go. I'm constantly stocking and re-stocking it. I overdo it on changes of clothes in it but you just never know with babies.
If I'm in the office I have the other bouncy chair in here. It has a mobile attachment that she can interact with and recently learned to kick it but she gets over it and once I remove it, she's back to chilling. If she's awake it's on the bouncy mode and can rock as she moves. If she falls asleep it's reclined so it doesn't move. This is the same chair she slept in when she was a newborn.
In our room we have the pack and play where she sleeps and my other nursing pillow for the night and early morning feedings. On the left in front of the bookcase you can see a little device that's the white noise machine we use for her in here. I was thinking it was becoming a placebo for us but I swear to you, when I'm holding her and she's drowsy and I turn the machine on, she closes her eyes. It's like she's programmed that whenever that turns on, it's sleep time.
On my nightstand I always have some sort of baby related book, a water bottle, and the breast pump. I wish I could move it or put it away but my supply keeps fluctuating depending on when she eats so if she's still asleep and I'm full I can take advantage and store some for the back to work stash.
In the kitchen we have the baby dryer where there's always a piece of the pump hanging out and the little vials that collect the milk. This is meant for her bottles as well and the little plastic container has the recently sterilized pacifiers ready to go.
On the other side is the bottle warmer for when I go back to work. I know we can easily just run a cold bottle under warm water to warm it up but this bottle warmer takes a lot less water to work the same way. It's all about conservation in this drought pals.
And in the guest bath hang her bathing tub...
and her towels. The bathrobe is just cute and for show for now. We don't actually bathe her in the bathroom, she's bathed in the kitchen sink in the puj. My back is a big fan of this scenario.
I didn't show her nursery because honestly, we are in there very rarely during the day. We do use it to change her, the occasional rocking in the glider, and some naps. I really should work on getting her to nap in there much more than she does so she can get used to the crib when we eventually transfer her to her own room in a few months when she's sleeping throughout the night for reals. 

Next week Matt's going to be gone all week during the day working and I'll see what it's like to be home alone with a baby for extended periods of time. Pray for me!

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