Tuesday, October 28, 2014

she's moving out already?

I guess we were crummy roommates 'cause Miss Alice has decided she might be done with us and ready for her own space and has slept in her own room for the past two nights.
This is how I feel about it:
It was mostly a test to see if she would sleep better in her crib than the pack and play in our room and she did. What a surprise mom, the mattress you spent time researching is more comfortable than the makeshift crib you been sticking me in. I couldn't have done this a few months ago when she was waking up constantly to eat but she's been sleeping steadily from 11/12 to 6 for about a month now so I thought we'd give it a go and she adapted perfectly to it. She wakes up in the early morning for her breakfast without tears or screams, just noises. I come into her room and in the dark I see her smiling at me. She eats and goes right back to sleep 'til 9/10 when I'm awakened by her coos and babbles, not cries. She's been soothing herself to sleep on her own lately without use of a pacifier too so that helped. She is a magical baby, I dunno what I did to deserve her.
All we did was get a routine going and stuck to it. Michelle and I were talking about it and she said any number of routines or tricks work you just have to stick to it. Ours was we'd go into our room after being changed and into her PJs, sometimes let her lay there wiggling out her energy, top her off with milk, put her in her sleeping sack, put on the white noise machine, pacifier in her mouth and rock her to sleep with a lullaby. I'd read that its best during these times to not engage the baby in conversation and just keep it quiet and that is so true. I made the mistake of talking to her after a day where I missed her and that kept her up longer than usual. Babies need routine. They start putting it together that its bedtime and the routines become the comfort they need to sleep happily.

We never "trained" her to sleep all night like letting her cry it out. I know some people do that and that works for them and again, do what you gotta do. Alice's little personality just dictated what we did. I know some babies just wanna be held and cry 'til they are but she's been pretty basic needs/independent from the get go. Mostly cries for food, fusses when she needs a nap. When she was up at all hours I'd feed her and hold her, I couldn't let her cry for long. Thankfully she outgrew that and that's what allowed me to try the whole sleeping in her room thing.

I have heard about the 4 month sleep regression thing so we'll see what happens then. I may be singing a whole other tune then.

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