Friday, October 17, 2014

momma's going back to work, a little bit

So I took a job after turning down work for the past few months. We'd always planned I'd take 3-4 months off when Alice was born but now it's almost the end of the year and we were wondering if we could financially swing my waiting to just go back to work starting in January. Co-workers were very respectful of my having had a baby and I didn't hear from people the first few weeks that Alice was born but after that I kept getting offers of "easy" jobs to jump back into. Yesterday I got an offer I couldn't refuse: three days in my old office starting Nov 10, wrapping a stage job (the for reals easy part). I mean, no brainer. It's also perfect because it's a short amount of time and we're using it as a trial if I'm ready to go back to work or if I need a little more time with ma baby.

It pumped me up thinking about getting dressed up and going to work to support my family. Along with the sadness of leaving the little tyke home, I was filled with an optimism of being a good role model for her, being a momma that makes money for the family.
Here we go. Mom going to work again. Let the great experiment begin!!

Have a great weekend gang! Work it!

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