Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the new backyard floor plan

Two elements affected the new floor plan. 1) we didn't want any grass and 2) we're having a kid.
We spend Sunday once again in the desolate backyard with my in-laws scheming the layout which changed depending on a few realities from the original plan. What I imagined was the backyard as a big open floor plan with a bunch of "rooms" differentiated by a floor covering of pea gravel or sand. Concrete pavers would separate the "rooms" or "zones" and then it was just a matter of where does the path start and where does it end. I spent a few hours in between episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" plotting the layout for my men that will be executing it.

Zone 1- the lounge. We decided that putting it way out in the rear of the yard din't make much sense because the most amount of shade was along the wall closest to the house. Matt said he wasn't into the deck idea so I scratched that off and now the lounge area sits there. I still would love a fire pit with an underground gas element but we'll see. We might just have a portable fireplace instead. On the other side of the sectional would be the already owned potting bench turned bar and then we'd add a few striped umbrellas and maybe some large potted trees (as indicated by that black round ball).

Zone 2- the play area. I have no idea what would go there in the end but for now just a plush floor and maybe depending on the weather we'd plunk a sandbox or a kiddie pool or a climb-y play set. It backs up to a concrete wall which would be a great place to paint a chalkboard wall for the kids.

Zone 3- the dining area. For outdoor meals and some screen writing (not by me, most likely Alexa), a nice big table with a nice big umbrella would be killer. Add yourself a grill and a water feature and baby you got a party going! We'll definitely want an outlet to plug in string lights. Definitely.

So, that's the new plan. We browsed for materials and the boys have a general idea of what I like and this plan will help them out even further. I don't think it's at all to scale but they'll figure it out.

Sigh, I can't wait, it's gonna be so nice to have all that extra space to hang out.

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