Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've been re-organizing my office due to a new acquisition. Back in the olden days of college Ambre and I used to clean up to procrastinate and now it's the cleaning up that we've been procrastinating. The office wasn't in any sort of mess anyone but me would notice but I sorted a few mementos here and there that had piled up and even then I'm still not done with all those scraps.

Amongst the keepsakes I came across this:
It was a binder Los Angeles Unified School District gave its graduates and inside on the left hand side there was a little pocket that held this guy:
My dad was very proud of this sticker:
Oddly though it held certificates I'd never known I'd won like the honor roll ones. All of a sudden those were in there along with the diploma. Thanks for the notice, Bell High.
History was my subject. Mr McIntyre was my hero.
And these are my oldest awards, I was 6 & 5 respectively. One for reading and one for behaving.
And then there's this one. It was around the time of the film fest and we took a break from setting up to attend the last RTF chapel. Ali and I were walking towards oh crap what was the name of that auditorium in the missionary school? The one near the bell tower? Anyway, as we walked there, knowing they'd be dolling out awards and recognition to the Seniors I made some crack about assuming I'd get an award. Since I'd been in the film program I was an over-achiever (different from a Little Lebowski urban achiever). I'd been a part of Eaglevision, done a bunch of student films, went to Vegas with the faculty (so many stories), an active member of GFS, and ran the film festival. Ali wasn't letting me get away with that assumption. "Now I hope you don't get honored you arrogant bitch." Alas, Mike Gonzales called my name anyway and if I'm not mistaken, referred to me as "my homegirl Evelyn Camacho":
Our graduating class had so many great students that they couldn't just give a prize to the kid with the best grades 'cause I'd be out by a mile. They decided to give us runner up certificates for outstanding RTF major. These people below. Know what's in my hand? My cell phone because I was expecting calls from vendors for the film fest. What a nerd.
Of all the awards I'd gotten, nothing is more precious to me than that cheesy little piece of paper they gave me in a $1 frame. 'Cause I gave my life to that program and am eternally grateful for having been a part of it and it's pretty terrific that somebody noticed.

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ambre said...

Ya know, I read your blog right now to procrastinate from doing my homework. Then I was gunna do laundry. Some things never change?