Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i just don't get it

When Target released their Liberty of London collection I was there. The blog world was excited about it and I was no different. But my excitement stems from Target being cool and releasing designer-y things at Target prices. That's the great thing about Target, making great design accessible to regular folks like us.

I'd obviously seen the Missoni line blogged about online, who hadn't, and I scoured the interwebs to see what they were offering and overall I was pretty meh about it. I made a list of things I wanted to check out in person though and decide if they were worth it once I got to the store. Most of the patterns consisted of that zigzag pattern Missoni's known for and I'm getting close to being over zigzags (don't tell that to my guest bath mat though) so I was gravitating towards mostly the home and stationery items since I found most of the clothes to be way too much for me to wear. I thought cool, I'll just go on Wednesday when we're been back from Laguna. No big deal.

I guess it was a big deal. People started buying stuff in bulk, posting them on ebay and the stores were barren. I didn't believe it myself since the Targets around me are low population and so not Los Angeles proper. Until I went to the Whitwood shopping center and saw the evidence for myself did the extent of the craziness set in. These were taken the morning after the items had been released.
Is that crazy or what? What is it black Friday? Sheesh!
I went to the Norwalk Target and as I suspected, they could have cared less about stationery so I got the 3 pack journal set I'd been eyeing and a notecard set 'cause why not.
I replaced the Liberty of London bin for the catalogs for the Missoni bin for the catalogs. Oh me.
And I got this plate and those cups and put them on top of Helmer.
I did buy a few towels I'm returning and hopefully the stores will be re-stocked and I can check out the other stuff in person if only just to look at them and admire the work.

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