Thursday, September 15, 2011

helmer's new home

There it is. I knew it was small but it was extra small and it does fit perfectly under the desk without casters in case we move and I won't have room to keep it off to the side like it is now. I wasn't totally sold on it in the store but once I put it in place it seemed to work. 
It's industrial looking and rough around the edges but in place it helps un-feminize this already really girly office.
I wasted no time filling it with office supplies. Now all the decorative boxes and baskets in the office are empty and it's nice having office supplies a lot more accessible.
I moved the office supply bowls on display down here to make room for hopefully some new speakers for the office on top of Aspvik where they once were.
The colorful marker are dry erase markers from Ikea. And having the labeler in a drawer reminds me of Martha Stewart's drawers which makes me smile.
Overflow stationery I told Michelle I'd be putting in there. She was asking what I'd be doing with this unit so I had to prove myself.
This was the oddest Ikea build of my Ikea life. It didn't have any hardware except for the drawer pulls. It was mostly a series of clicks and metal folding. FOLDING. It was a really easy assembly without any hardware but I just couldn't get over how weird it was.

What do you think Michelle?


Michelle said...

okay. you win. it works... i like the color better than white.

EvY said...

I feel so justified. Thanks for your help Michelle.