Friday, September 9, 2011

i committed

Like my prom and wedding dresses and Matt, you'll know when it's the one. So I got myself a new pair of glasses. Tom, the Target Optical dude was trying to sell me on a few other pairs but I tried these on and I knew they were right. "Ah a little retro but modern." Tom said. "Oh, the man knows what he's talking about!" I declare. He laughed. He's a good guy, you guys should go to Target Optical in Fullerton if you're looking for an optometrist. Dr. Mai's my gal, she's cool.
Here's my goofy exhausted I'm not wearing makeup face in said glasses. A little cat eye, plain sides, DKNY, tortoise shell style.
Oh my gosh, they're not made of turtles are they? Google. No, I guess they're all plastic and no longer made from turtles. Whew!

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