Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bottega Louie

What a landmark. It's in Downtown LA on the corner of 7th and Grand and it is very grand. It's huge actually. And it's always crowded and they don't take reservations and it's loud as all get out. So come with a girlfriend and dish about work and life and mini-vacays. 
Though it was loud and crowded: the food was spectacular and the service was divine. The host apologized for the wait (about 30minutes on a Thursday) and thanked us for waiting. The waitress treated us with the utmost respect. Sometimes they treat you like they're doing you a favor by having let you eat there but here I mean come on, they don't need our business, but they treated us with respect all the same. Kept refilling our water, kept checking on us, brought our food out quickly, just great service. I didn't take any pictures of our meal but it was great. We split three appetizers and then had pasta. I did take pictures of their pastry area. Marie Antoinette would have eaten here.
It was a good night with a good friend and a great meal. Gab gab gab.
The pastry counter helped me find vegan goodies for my honey pie. I don't think he realized how much stuff cost because he ate those fruit candies like they were gummy worms from 7-11. Look at that beautiful packaging:
Can't recommend it enough but you were warned about the busy-ness and the volume level. Totally worth it though. Which of my local gal pals will be coming with me next?

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