Monday, February 18, 2013

girly dreams are made of these

So in the move we've decided that we have two bookcases that are excess so we gutted it for the shelves and I stuck in in my closet and ba-dam we have what I will now call EvY's accessories store. And happiness looks like this:

Yeah I have a lot of cheapy handbags. I'm a hoarder and a cheapskate and non-commital.
I've been wanting a central space where I do all my dressing and accessorizing and now here it is. It's truly a sight.
Whoever built this closet did not hang the rod correctly, as the clothes stick out a lot and won't let the doors close properly. Also the wheel is off one of the doors. Anyway, eventually I wanna get that cool Elfa system from Container store and be all ooh la la up in here.
Don't worry, there's still plenty of unpacked boxes and clothes and products in the master, I just wanted to show you what I spent 2 hours working on yesterday. It's getting cuter and cuter. I want to find a cool runner for this area and then eventually paint the bookcase and wallpaper the back.

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