Friday, October 4, 2013

messing with the house

After a few months of being in the house and now that it's fall/almost the holidays (!!) I've gotten the bug to start spending serious time in the house working on projects I've been neglecting for awhile now. I am aware that none of these projects are actually that important. Nothing is dire and desperate to happen, I just feel like I've been doing the bare minimum around the house but honestly, that's all I can do. I want to take a few shortcuts with projects but Matt keeps reminding me it's not worth it. Why spend the time and money on short term fixes when the long term ones would benefit us more? So it's towing the fine line between this is livable and we can deal with until the big projects can happen (gutting bathrooms, gutting closets, etc.). 

That being said, of course the office is the one that gets the most attention because it's the most used of the rooms and is the easiest to mess with. The only project that entails anything complex is replacing the light fixture, changing out the air conditioning vent, and painting the ceiling (thinking high gloss white or pale pink) and all of those things have to kinda be done together so for now, the furniture in it and the walls are the only thing I can really mess with, which we began and were thwarted due to my impatience since the shelf went up but wasn't exactly level.
At least you can see what I'm trying to accomplish eventually. The most frustrating thing lately is also the fact that the one piece of furniture I had purchased to begin completion of the second phase of this office arrived damaged and has to sit there empty until a replacement arrives (another !!). Which means that I can't see where I am as far as storage needs are concerned once everything has been dispersed from the two items of furniture it was replacing. These are not real problems people. We have our family, our health, and our freedom. 

Anyway, by the time Monday rolls around I hope to at least have the shelves up and filled. Oh and we bought another expedit for the closet and I'm gonna re-arrange that too.

Have a good weekend gang. Enjoy the crisp fall... I mean, enjoy fall.

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