Friday, October 18, 2013

wearing clothes in new york

I did not pack the right stuff for New York the first time I went. I packed like a Californian, casual & colorful. People there dress like they mean it, like they're going for a job interview or first date every day they leave their house. I should have realized that before I left but meh. It was in the summer and the job was laid back enough where we had time to shop and shop we did. By the time I left I was properly attired for NYC.
The second time was this winter and it was cold as balls. Dressing up in the winter is easy because all you need is some dope coats, a scarf, a cute hat and boom you're done. And you actually get to wear a sweater with a purpose! Warm sweaters. I'm always one to throw something in my outfits that's just a little off kilter so the high top sneakers were it for me. 
I meant to wax poetic about the style of New York vs the Los Angeles look but meh. You got it right? Dress up. Every outfit has to be polished. Invest in the good shiz. No frumpy. Lots of black. Layers.
I'm drawn to things that mix the dressed up and the casual like a dress with chucks but I'm going to TRY really hard to wear heels this time like a boss. If you can't be balls out there then where can you?
I also have an excellent set of bangs that are working as an accessory to all my outfits.
And yeah I put them all together already, they're sitting in our room waiting to be shoved in a suitcase.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be flying out of Burbank to New York on Sunday night and will be back on the 29th. I'll try to have some content while I'm out but I can't promise nuthin'. Fuggedaboutit, I'll probably be busy stuffing my face with bagels and such.

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